7 Best Queensland Australia Trout Fly Fishing Tour Guides

Queensland has some of the best fishing spots in Australia. It has about 7,000 kilometres of coastline, and there are also many lakes. With 300 days of sunshine, I can say without a doubt that Queensland is one of the best flyfishing spots for trout.

As always, it is best that you get the services of a tour guide if you visit a foreign place. Below are some of the best trout fishing tour guides in Queensland, Australia.

1. Australian Fishing Lodge

Website: https://www.australianflyfishinglodge.net.au/guides

Phone: 0415 990 270

This company offers knowledgeable and friendly guides who know how to treat their guests. In addition, all the guides here run their own fishing boats and vessels—they are experts who know how to navigate the best fly fishing spots.

The Daily Fly-Fishing Package costs $1,050 for a solo angler and $1350 for two anglers. Take note that all bookings are subject to the tides and availability.

The payment includes lodge accommodation and the guided flyfishing experience when you book. You also get continental breakfast and lunch.

They need a 50% deposit by the time you book. You must pay your balance 60 days after departing from the lodge.  

2. Ultimate Sportfishing Charters

Website: https://www.smarterfishingcharters.com.au/charters/details/287#

Phone: Not available

Ultimate Sportfishing Charters is located in Townsville and is also your departure point. They offer anglers a lot of possible fishing expeditions.

Here are some of their offers:

  • Reef fishing,
  • Trout Fly-fishing
  • Popper-lure fishing
  • Sport fishing
  • Game fishing

They also offer deep water jigging if you want to try it. These guys can take you to the Great Barrier Reef.

Here are some of the possible catches:

  • Coral Trout
  • Giant Trevally
  • Queen Fish
  • Red Emperor
  • Wahoo
  • Cobia

The fishing vessel is 65 feet long, and it is air-conditioned. You can book them with a maximum of 10 guests. The yacht also has bedding and even hot water showers.

3. Johnny Mitchell

Website: https://www.wildadventuresjm.com.au/

Phone: 0429 723 757

What you get from this tour guide is a unique experience. He will take you to the coast of Queensland, where you can catch sea trout while fly fishing.

Johnny can also teach you how to catch big fish if you change your mind. In addition, you can even ask him to become your teacher. He has an educational program where you can improve your fishing skills.

Here are the types of trips you can book:

  • Curtis Island Getaway
  • Giant Trevally Popping Packages
  • 3 Days or 4 Days Charter

His rates are not available publicly, so you will have to call him and ask for the prices. The number of people on the trip is limited to up to three anglers only. The four-day trips include tackle, lunch, and drinks.

4. Frenzy Charters

Website: https://www.frenzycharters.com.au/

Phone: 0427 424 576

Located in Brisbane. Frenzy Charters offers fly fishing and reef fishing for groups and for solo anglers. The guides are Gary and Noelle. The departure is in Wyvernleigh Close—they can also pick you up from Stradbroke Island.

Here are the rates:

  • Reef Full Day – costs $280.00 per person; the trip will take nine hours
  • Shared Line – costs $380.00 per rod; you will share this rod with another person
  • Private Charters – costs $2,400.00 for a maximum of 8 guests; pay an additional $220 per another guest

You will get hot tea and toast as they welcome you aboard. Your payment also includes free lunch and sandwiches and drinks.

5. GladstoneFly and Sportfishing

Website: https://www.gladstoneflyandsportfishing.com.au/contact

Phone: 0429223550

There are many services that Gladstone offers. They have fly fishing for newbies and for experts. If you book, the area of fishing is in Gladstone, Queensland. They also offer sportfishing if you are interested in that. You can call them and have a specific trip tailor-made for you.

Gladstone has several packages shown below:

  • Five-Hour Trips in Lake Awoonga – costs between $395 and $500
  • Saltwater Fly Fishing – solo angler pays $800, and two people will cost $450 each; this trip takes eight hours

They also have multi-day experiences where you can capture large fish like the Golden Trevally. These trips are on the high-end, as they cost between $3,000 and $5,000. However, they already include accommodation and meals, and the trip will last for five days and six nights.

6. Eclipse NFQ

Website: https://eclipsefnq.com.au

Phone: 0408 733 271

Eclipse offers access to the most remote locations in the Cape York Peninsula. The place is only accessible by the mothership. Despite this, you are guaranteed to have safety and comfort aboard. They can also take you to fly fishing in Western Cape—you will experience flying on flats and beaches.

There are over 50 species of fish you can catch, not just trout. Here are some more examples:

  • Barramundi
  • Giant Herring
  • Blue Salmon
  • Cobia
  • Queenfish
  • Fingermark

The rates are not available on their website, but you can give them a call to book your charter. The fishing season is only from June to August each year, so the bookings are limited.

7. Hervey Bay Fly & Sportfishing

Website: https://herveybaysportfishing.com.au/

Phone: 0407 627 852

This guide offers both fly and sportfishing charter services. They offer an experience on the east coast of the country in Queensland. For example, they can take you to Fraser Island, where you can catch both southern and northern types of fish species.

They offer:

  • Full-day trips
  • Half-day trips
  • Group bookings
  • Mother shipping

The rates of their services vary from $200 per person to $700. People can get a discount if they come in groups. You can also book more than one boat if your group is huge.


Queensland is an excellent target for trout fly fishing. I suggest that you contact any of the seven guides that I recommended. Ask if you need to bring your gear or if they will provide you with some.

And yes, please do not forget to ask the guide about your fishing licenses. It is highly likely that you need one, and you can ask the tour guide to buy one for you.

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