10 Best Bass Fishing Rods for 15-Year-Olds: A Detailed Guide With Pricing

15-year-olds are just about to become young adults. Some 15-year-olds may have enough experience as anglers as they could have started fishing when they were little. At this age, in most States, a 15-year-old is usually about to get a fishing license or has already got one. 

The fishing rod is the first possession a fisherman buys. You may have come across the saying that as a fisherman, you are only as good as your rod. This guide will help you select the best bass fishing rod for your 15-year-old. 

Top 10 Best Bass Fishing Rods for 15-Year-Olds

1. Sougayilang Speed Bass Fishing Rod

The Sougayilang bass fishing rod has comfortable handling, is light and has high sensitivity. Its lever arm handle is designed with anti-corrosion surface and golf material. You will have a comfortable grip on the rod even when it gets wet. It has an oval shape and adjacent flat sides, which you can hold all day and not feel any pressure or pain. 

The blank rod is made up of over 95% carbon fiber. This fiber gives the rod shock resistance, moisture resistance, excellent cushioning, and heat insulation. The rod has a fast speed rating and medium power. It is ultra-light, which gives Its better sensitivity. Its sensitivity and length make it ideal for fishing bass. 

This rod is a four-piece rod and you can quickly move around with it. It has a guide ring made of high-grade chromed stainless steel to protect the fish line.

Why You Should Consider it for a 15-year-old

  • It is made of carbon fiber, which offers many advantages such as moisture resistance, excellent cushioning and more to help the 10 to focus on fishing.
  • Its lightweight gives it higher sensitivity, which will help 15-year-olds to fish as they will immediately no when the bass gets on the hook. 
  • You can face without worrying about damaging the fishing line thanks to the stainless-steel guide ring.
Sougayilang Bass Fishing Rod Review

2. Atomic29 Pro from Enigma Fishing

The atomic 29 pro is a sturdy fishing rod. You can use baits that require medium to high power, such as crankbait. 15-year-olds with medium fishing experience will find his rod very useful as serious anglers also rely on it. 

Atomic29 Pro features a composite blank and appropriately in class, which gives it an excellent casting distance flexibility and power. The Atomic29 Pro fishing rods models range within nine specific lengths and actions. 

It starts from a 7-foot medium action fishing rod to an 8-foot medium heavy fishing rod. Each of these models delivers uncompromising performance. 

It has a Portuguese cork handle which offers higher sensitivity and comfort when fishing all day or for long hours. The fishing rod also features reel seats and Alps guides, which help hold the reels and protect the fish line respectively. These are features standard in high-end fishing equipment.

Why You Should Consider it for a 15-year-old

  • It has a wide range of specific actions and lengths to choose from. The action of these rods ranges from medium to medium-heavy and increases as the length increases. Its shortest piece is 7 feet long, and the longest is 8 feet long. 
  • It is a highly sensitive and comfortable rod. It has reel seats and Alp guides, which are standard features in high-end equipment.
  • The rod offers reasonable distance and flexibility in fishing.

3. Phenix Feather Bass Fishing Rod Series

The Phenix Feather bass fishing rod ranks highly among others in the industry in terms of lightness and sensitivity. The rod’s blank has a unique taper that has been designed from a cross-weave of proprietary Nanolite resins with 36 ton and 40-ton carbon-fiber. 

Thanks to this taper, the palm of your hand controls the balance of his rod. Its reel seats are also made from carbon fiber and EVA handles. The rod has a minimalist build and a blank design which provides excellent durability, quality, and sensitivity to the angler. 

Its guides are Essex T-Ring Premium Carbide. This rod comes from a series of 4 in terms of action and speed. You can go for the light/fast the median/fast two-piece rod, the medium/fast rod, and the heavy/X-fast.

Why You Should Consider it for a 15-year-old

  • The feather series is extra light and highly sensitive, which makes it ideal for bass fishing. 
  • This rod ensures sensitivity, quality, and durability thanks to its blank design and minimalist build. 
  • The teen has some options when selecting a rod in terms of action and speed. These options range from light/fast to heavy/extra fast.
  •  It is easier to maintain the balance of the rod and stay comfortable.
Phenix Feather Rod Review

4. Burning Sharks Fishing Rods

The Burning Sharks fishing rods offer a high ratio of value offered by the rod against its performance. These rods are usually lightweight and have exceptional sensitivity. The materials used to design these rods include glass fiber and 24-ton carbon fiber. 

It guides are made from stainless steel while the reel seats are made using CNC machined aluminum. The Burning Sharks are collapsible fishing poles which can easily shrink and fit into your car trunk or bag. Their lightness helps improve the rod’s portability. 

These rods are available for both Freshwater and saltwater fishing. They have a lengthened hollow handle, which makes it possible to catch fish while using minimal strength.

Why You Should Consider it for a 15-year-old

  • The rods are available in both freshwater and saltwater fishing design. 
  • It is a durable fishing rod made from carbon fiber material, glass fiber, stainless steel guides, and aluminum reel seats. 
  • You can catch bass with minimum strength, which is necessary for a 15-year-old. 
  • They are highly portable and collapsible to fit into your bag or car trunk. 
  • They are light and sensitive.
  • The rod has a considerable pricing value against its performance. 

5. LurEra Bass Fishing Rod 

This rod is a highly versatile rod you can use for multiple techniques in multiple fishing locations. Ultralight graphite blanks make up the fishing rod and offer it sensitivity and strength. The rod also has excellent control to help the young angler to make perfect hooksets. 

It has a lightweight handle made from high-quality EVA. The fishing rods reels seat is emerald green and made from carbon to reduce weight and increase comfort. It guides are made from stainless steel and a ceramic insert to reduce friction and to dissipate heat better. 

The fishing rod has two pieces of rods and an adjustable length. Adjust the length of your rod between 6 feet and 7 feet using the reel seat, which rotates. This product comes with a one-year warranty. In case you’re not satisfied, you can get your money back or request a return exchange.

Why You Should Consider it for a 15-year-old

  • It is a lightweight rod but strong thanks to the ultralight graphite blanks. 
  • It has an adjustable length to suit multiple fishing locations. 
  • The rod is durable.
  • You can get money back in case your kid does not enjoy fishing.
  • It has high sensitivity.  

6. Sougayilang Rod Reel Combos

Sougayilang is a reputable manufacturer of fishing rods. You can select from 6 variation kids. Each of these kids features a single fishing pole and a separate fishing reel. Some of these kids are suitable for left-handed Persons and others for right-handed persons. 

It is another versatile and durable fishing rod that you can use in saltwater and freshwater. The rod has multiple line guides to deliver smooth and consistent taper, improves casting, and removes flat spots in the blank. 

Its grips are made of high-density EVA which makes them comfortable. The rod has a telescope fall down design for convenience in storage and transport. You can use it for kayak fishing pier fishing or even trolling fish in saltwater. Its strength lets you cut a wide variety of species, including walleye, bass, and trout.

Why You Should Consider it for a 15-year-old

  • The rod is durable in both freshwater and saltwater fishing on the rod is resistant to corrosion
  • You can use it in rivers or Ocean Piers. The adjustable length offers this convenience.
  • It offers a wide selection through their six variation kids. The rod is considerate of the user’s dominant hand and preferred length.
  • It has comfortable grips.

7. KastKing Crixus Fishing Rods

Kastking is another well-known and trustworthy fishing rod brand. It is made using graphite blanks, which offer sensitivity, power, and strength. The fishing rod is available in various styles ranging from the 5-foot 6 inches lightweight spinning rod to the 7- foot 6-inch medium-heavy casting rod. 

Each of these Styles is available in varying lengths, power, and action. These models total up to 20. The young angler can use them in both saltwater and freshwater fishing locations. It features a SuperPolymer handle, which is slip-resistant, durable, and comfortable. 

KastKing Crixus fishing rods’ handles are usually found in high-end fishing rods. The handle is split and finished with EVA butt. These fishing rods guide frames are made of stainless steel and feature zirconium oxide rings which help to deliver smooth, long, and exceptional cast. 

They are designed to be two-piece fishing rods 4 convenient storage and transport.

Why You Should Consider it for a 15-year-old

  • It is a powerful, sensitive, and durable rod.
  • It is flexible for use in freshwater and saltwater fishing sports. 
  • The rod has a comfortable and slip-resistant handle that ensures the young angler will not tire quickly. 
  • It features a wide frame and cast rings to offer smooth, long, and exceptional cast.
  • It is available in varying action, length, and power.

8. Entsport E Series Camo Legend

Entsport is an impressive baitcasting and spinning rod with a professional and unique design. This rod has two tips. You can order tips of different sizes that are medium and medium-heavy. Two separate tips make the rod more versatile as you can easily adjust the casting weight. 

The material used on this rod is lightweight but durable 24-ton carbon fiber. Its lightweight makes the rod significantly sensitive. The handles of this rod are made with high-density Eva which makes it more durable, more comfortable to handle easy to control, and increases sensitivity. 

Its reel seats are also durable as they are made from aluminum hoods that are resistant to corrosion. The rod’s guides are also resistant to corrosion and are spaced evenly to reduce friction. 

Why You Should Consider it for a 15-year-old

  • The rod has a sensitive comfortable and easy to control handle
  • It is made from 24-ton carbon fiber, which is strong but light. The carbon-fiber also increases sensitivity
  • The rod has two tips which help improve the experience level of the young angler as they can easily adjust the casting weight
  • Its reel seats are resistant to corrosion

9. Green Ghost Bass Fishing Rod from Duckett Fishing

Duckett Fishing is A reputable manufacturer of fishing rods. The Green Ghost one-piece fishing rod is light and durable. This rod is suitable for bass anglers of every experience level. It is packed with multiple features that help it achieve this usability. 

The rod has a fast and medium-heavy casting which makes it suitable for bass fishing by 15-year-olds. It has been Halo-sanded which gives it lightness sensitivity and strength. There is also the use of carbon fiber Scrim which provides it with extra strength and reduces the weight of the rod. 

The rod has designed its butt and grips in EVA Style, which gives it a hexagonal pattern. This pattern helps the rod to maintain traction when fishing in any weather. It has Sensi – touch blanks that are made from multi-modulus pre-pregs of high-quality.

Why You Should Consider it for a 15-year-old

  • It is suitable for both professional and recreational anglers. Your kid can still rely on the fishing rod as his or her skills developed
  • It is a light fishing rod which makes it easy to handle for a 15-year old
  • You can use this reward in any weather thanks to the EVA Style butt and grips
  • It is a strong rod that will not break easily thanks to the use of carbon fiber scrim
Green Ghost Bass Fishing Rod Review

10. Shakespeare Ugly Stik GX2

The Shakespeare Ugly Stik GX2 is a rod that is available in varying power and length. This rod’s capability ranges from ultralight to medium-heavy while the length ranging from 6 feet to 7 feet. The light rods usually catch fish with a weight ranging between 2 and 6 lbs. 

Its medium rod combo lets you catch fish weighing between 6 and 15 pounds. The medium-heavy combo makes it possible to catch fish with a weight estimate of 8 to 20 pounds. You can purchase a one-piece or a two-piece rod depending on your needs. 

The rod offers instant hooksets, and smoother gear feel with the help of anti-reverse bearing with a one-way clutch and three ball bearings. Its reels have a longer lifespan due to the presence of compression bail springs. 

This fishing rod can be used in both freshwater and saltwater. Remember to clean every equipment that you use on saltwater to prevent corrosion.

Why You Should Consider Ugly Stik GX2 for a 15-year-old

  • The rod offers a variety of choices in terms of power and length
  • You can also select between the one-piece and two-piece rod at your convenience 
  • The rod has durable fishing reels that have compression bail springs full stops
  • It has a comfortable handle and strong enough to catch fish that weigh 8 to 20 pounds
Review on Ugly Stik GX2 Bass Fishing Rod

Price Summary Table

Bass Fishing Rod Price Range
Sougaliyang Speed Bass Fishing Rod$35.99 – $79.99
Atomic29 Pro from Enigma Fishing$80.00 – $85.00
Phenix Feather Bass Fishing Rod Series$139.00 – $189.00
Burning Sharks Fishing Rods$22.99 – $36.99
LurEra Bass Fishing Rod $50-$100
Sougayilang Rod Reel Combos$55.99 – $69.99
KastKing Crixus Fishing Rods$38.99
Entsport E Series Camo Legend$37.99
Green Ghost Bass Fishing Rod from Duckett Fishing$79.00
Shakespeare Ugly Stik GX2$39.96 – $84.89

Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Bass Fishing Rod for Your 15-year-old

Bass is an aggressive fish species and it will not give in without a fight. Setting the bait or lure and reeling the bass are all part of the thrill. That is why any bass fisherman of any age should have an excellent bass fishing rod to give him or her an added advantage in the upcoming tussle with the bass. 

A good bass fishing rod should have the following properties:

1. The Rod Should Be Sensitive —This will help you to feel when the bass gets hooked. The ideal fishing rod for bass fishing should feel like an extension of your arm. The lighter the ride, the more sensitive it is. 

2. Accuracy — A bass fishing expedition needs casting accuracy for a better chance of a good catch. Consider a light rod once more for accuracy. 

3. Fishing Location Various water bodies call for the use of various fishing rods. For example, a longer fishing rod is a more suitable Creek or open beach fishing.

4. A Fishing Rod Action A fishing rod’s action refers to the amount of Bend the rod offers. These bands range from heavy action Kama medium-heavy medium and ultralight. Ultralight fishing rods are suitable for small species of fish. When bass fishing considers using a medium-heavy or medium rod.

5. The Length of the Fishing Rod — The length of the fishing rod you select depends on where you intend to go fishing, for example, a long rod is suitable for lakes and open beaches. It would help if you also looked at the action of the rod before you settle on it.

6. Type of Reel — There are multiple types of reels to choose from. The two main types of reels include baitcasting and spinning. The location of the reel on the fishing rod determines the kind of reel. A baitcasting reel sits at the top of the rod while a spin casting reel is found at the bottom of the rod. 

Spin casting reels are more comfortable to use than bait casting reels. Baitcasting reels are most suitable for experienced anglers while spin casting reels better for beginners like 15-year-olds. 

7. Fishing Rod Material — Beginners do not have to put much consideration into the material of the fishing rod. However, it is still an added advantage. Most fishing rods are made of either graphite or fiberglass. Graphite rods are more responsive and more expensive. They are also quite fragile. 

However, experienced or professional anglers mostly use graphite rods. Fiberglass fishing rods are more common among the young fisherman. It makes a sturdy, robust, and cheap fishing rod. They are resilient against daily wear and tear which makes them suitable for regular use.

 The new World models of fishing lure fishing rods use both materials. Some of them have an outer graphite layer and a durable fiberglass core.

8. Fishing Rod Power — A fishing rod’s power is measured by the effort and strength you insert to bend it. A rod that will bend easily is known to have less power and vice versa. A good rod has a good combination between its action and its power. Fishing rods of medium power is most suitable for bass fishing as you get to use baits like spinnerbait crankbait or jerk bait.

9. Fishing Rod Handle — Most fishing rods are built using foam or Cork. The handles vary in size, and the one you select is entirely up to you. A longer handle will help you cast father while a shorter and handle will help you casts nearer and more accurately.

Final Word

15-year-olds are usually on the verge of getting their fishing license in most states. Bass fishing is highly popular among anglers, and it’s no surprise when they wish to introduce their young ones to the hobby. The bass makes the expedition exciting as they will put up a struggle. Fishing rods of low quality will easily snap into two halves in this struggle. An ideal fishing rod for bass fishing is necessary. 

You should consider factors such as the fishing rod’s sensitivity, accuracy, length, action, material, the fishing location, handle, and type of reel. An ideal fishing rod for bass fishing should have a good casting accuracy, great sensitivity, adjustable length, powerful action, made from strong, light, and durable material.

It should also be able to fish in any location, (freshwater and saltwater) it should have a comfortable handle, and it should have a spinning reel made of durable material such as aluminum. 

Better rods offer varying lengths, action, and power under a single model for a variety of choices. You may want to consider other significant factors such as cost, warranty, and return policy of the fishing rod before you settle on a purchase.

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