Do Trout Like Garlic?

What could those anglers that come off the dock having full stringers of trout be doing differently from you? Many fishers ask themselves this question. Any attempt to ask successful anglers what they are using often gets vague replies, such as the usual trout stuff. Why would they tell you their secret lure, trout bait, or spot? 

Catching trout is often a little complicated than catching other fish. Anglers need a bit of skill and tricks besides those that other fishers possess. Few fishers consistently catch trout, and every angler wants to be part of this select group. You will be surprised to learn that their secret weapon could be something in your arsenal. 

Trout are among the most popular freshwater fish. While they do not resist your attempt to catch them like other fish, their taste makes up for their little resistance. It can be a bit challenging to capture them, specifically wild trout. Trout raised in hatcheries before being released are more gullible than wild trout. The latter has a developed sense of smell and eyesight, and they do not fall for most baits. 

Anglers have been using garlic with their bait for some time now. Garlic is readily available, has a sharp smell, and is affordable. Some fishers use it with their bait, and they have been successful in catching trout. 

Do Trout Take Garlic Baits? 

Experiences by regular anglers show that garlic can increase your chances of catching a trout. However, they caution that you should only use a pinch of garlic powder. Overdoing it does not yield the expected results.  

For years, anglers have been trying different mixtures and concoctions to look for trout fishing flavors. Some of their inventions have been disgusting and have not yielded the expected outcomes. Garlic has proven to be among the few items with scents that are bearable and can lure trout. 

Add a few pinches of it on your bait or use natural garlic with the lure, and you will be successful in your fishing trip. Besides attracting the fish through its smell, garlic makes the trout hold on to the bait longer than they typically do. This extension gives you extra time to catch it. It also masks many smells that can put off trout.

Stocked Trout Vs. Wild Trout

Wild trout have a more keen sense of smell compared to stocked trout. They can differentiate live baits and artificial lures. Hatchery trout have no keen sense of smell since they became accustomed to human-made food, which has additives and scents. Scenting the bait with garlic is, therefore, more likely to work with stocked trout than wild trout. 

Best Bait to Use With Garlic 

Trout anglers classify baits as live bait, trout dough bait, and human food. You can use all these types of bait to catch trout. You can apply garlic to human food, such as corn and Velveeta cheese if you want to catch farm-raised trout. They resemble the food they have become accustomed to in farms, and adding garlic to them makes them more appealing. 

You can also add the garlic on live bait. This method is more appropriate for wild trout than those raised in hatcheries. The wild bait is more appealing to them as they resemble or can be the food they usually consume. The human diet rarely lures them as they do not eat it in the water. 

Natural bait gives off their scents. If you add garlic to it and you are unsuccessful in catching the trout with a specific live bait, the smell from the animal and that of garlic could be clashing and putting off the trout. Consider changing the live bait. Worms with garlic have proven to be successful lures for many anglers.

Making Garlic Flavored Baits 

There are two ways that you can use to make garlic flavored baits. Selecting an option depends on your preference. Whichever option you choose, you should remember that trout do not like a lot of garlic. Therefore, do not let the bait absorb the garlic for too long. 

You can put the bit in the container and add the garlic. Close the lid and shake for a few seconds. You can then remove the bait, empty the remaining content, and return the bait in the container if you are not using it immediately. It is advisable to use the lure with the garlic within a short time as the flavor may change.

You may also put the bait on a flat surface and sprinkle some garlic on it. This method is more appropriate with garlic grains. Use the bait within hours of applying the garlic on it for the best results. 

Usefulness of Garlic 

Adding garlic to your bait is essential for the following reasons.

1. Garlic Attracts Trout 

The sharp sense of smell that trout possess means they can easily catch a specific scent in the water. Adding garlic to your bait will attract them to it. The bait should also look appealing to entice them to bite it. Be careful not to add too much garlic on the bait as a lot of it put off trout. Garlic can also make the fish hold on to the bait a while longer, which gives you more time to catch them.

2. Garlic Masks Smell That Can Drive Trout Away 

Trout have a sharp sense of smell. They have specialized sensory organs that process chemicals dissolved in water. This chemoreception ability acts as a warning system for the trout. It is, therefore, vital that you do not have any smell that puts off trout near you. 

Trout can be put off by some smells, which reduces your likelihood of catching them. The scent does not have to be from the bait. The odor of things like tobacco and oil on your hands can chase them away. You can use garlic to mask such smells.

3. Garlic Does Not Have a Foul Smell 

If you have gotten in trouble with your partner or kids for storing your fishing stuff in the house while awaiting your next fishing trip, garlic could help you avoid this quarrel. While other fishing attractions have an awful smell that can make your family uncomfortable, you can store garlic without making them irritated. They are also familiar with their smell already. 

4. Garlic Is Readily Available 

some items that you can use to lure trout with are often not readily accessible or a bit expensive. These challenges do not apply to garlic. Garlic is also used by chefs to make meals. This use makes it easier to obtain. It is more affordable than many other scents you can use to catch trout. 

Best Period to Use Garlic 

While you can use garlic-infused bait to lure trout throughout the year, there are times when using it is more rewarding. Use it during summer for the best outcomes. In the summer water, the smell of garlic reaches the trout faster and lures them. In cold seasons, the scent travels slowly, and you will catch fewer trout.

During summer, the water is warmer than during cold seasons. Consequently, the water molecules will move around faster and spread any smell that dissolves in them. You will lure trout from a wider area than during cold weather when the particles move slowly. 

Additionally, the trout will be actively searching for food in warm weather. Trout move around more often than in cold water. Once the garlic smell reaches them, they will quickly move towards your bait in warm water than in cold water. The location of the source of the scent will rarely affect its effectiveness in warm water. 

Trout generally dislike radiant light. Use garlic to lure them in the evenings or early in the mornings. They are usually found near the water surface at these times as they come searching for food. You can easily catch them at these times with garlic. 

Is it Legal to Apply Garlic to Bait? 

Different states, local authorities, and water bodies have various regulations when it comes to bait fishing and the use of scents to lure fish. Know these laws before you fish using bait that has garlic. Inquire from the authorities before angling with them to avoid landing yourself in trouble. 

Final Thoughts 

Catching trout requires patience and skills that many anglers do not possess. Seeing your colleague excel while you struggle to capture a trout can be disheartening. The difference often comes down to the small stuff, such as whether you are using a flavor on your bait. 

Believing that you can add a scent on bait and it will attract trout is difficult for anglers until they see it for themselves. However, they can help you lure the trout you have been struggling to catch. 

Garlic can be an excellent additive for your bait. It may not work by itself, but it often works when you add it to other baits, such as worms. Trout have a sharp sense of smell, and adding a flavor on your bait increases your chances of luring them. 

Garlic also masks scents that put off trout, does not have a foul odor, and is quickly obtainable. You can add the garlic in a jar or sprinkle it on the bait. Garlic is more effective in warm weather than in cold water as the scent travels faster and further. Additionally, trout are more active in warm weather.

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