Do Trout Like Salmon Eggs?

Anglers have often come up with little tricks to catch trout as they offer little resistance when being baited. If you are looking for natural trout bait, you need to have fished with salmon eggs. They float downstream during spawn season, and trout love them. Over time, anglers came up with ways to rig salmon eggs to make trout fishing easier.

Stocked trout are more prone to be lured by this bait as compared to wild trout. Stocked trout is that which has been reared in a hatchery and then let out in the wild. They are used to human food, and as such, they are easily lured compared to wild trout, which have a keener sense of smell and taste as they are used to the wild.

Best Salmon Eggs for Trout

1. Natural Bait

These are natural; hence they are naturally softer than synthetic ones. The downside is that they are effective on trout, but one or two of these and a trout will nibble on it all day long. They don’t float on water, so you have to fish them on a bobber rig to keep them up in the swim.

2. Scented Salmon Eggs

If you are looking for an extra attractant on your bait, this is the one for you. Scented salmon eggs have a bright color that makes them stand out, and trout can see them from a mile away. They are dosed in garlic scent and are effective if you want to keep your net fully stocked with trout.

3. Powerbait Salmon Eggs Flavor

These are synthetic salmon eggs, the best in the market. They have a natural salmon egg scent with some added glitter to help draw in the fish. They are effective in keeping your net fully stocked with trout.

How To Hook Salmon Eggs for Bait

You need first to create a sack or roe bag so that the eggs do not float away. To do this, you will have to purchase a specialty mesh sheet from a fishing store and create the bags by hand. From there, you can secure your salmon eggs to your hook using a special knot.

Tying a Roe Bag

  1. Buy a spawn net and place it on a flat surface
  2. Scoop 6-20 eggs in the center of the mesh sheet
  3. Place 3-5 small bait floats on top of the eggs
  4. Grab the four corners of the mesh sheet and twist the top
  5. Tie the top of the bag with a thread
  6. Cut the excess mesh from the top of the bag.

Tying an Egg Loop Knot

  1. Thread the line through the eye of the hook
  2. Wrap the other end of the line around the hook 10-12 times
  3. Thread the free end of the line through the opposite side of the eye
  4. Hold the tag against the hook
  5. Wrap the line around the hook another 10-12 times
  6. Pull the tag end to tighten the knot.

Attaching the Roe Bag To the Line

  1. Pull the top of the knot and loosen it
  2. Puncture the center of the roe bag with the hook
  3. Secure the loop around the roe bag
  4. Pull-on the free end of the line to tighten the loop around the bag.

Advantages of Using Salmon Eggs for Trout Fishing

1. The Drift

Salmon eggs are all about the drift, and this is a great advantage in that how the current takes an egg to the trout in considerable measure determines whether or not the fish will strike. The aim is to drift an egg as naturally as possible close to the bottom without ever resigning the bait and yourself to the gravel, rocks, or slit.

2. They Are Effective

Salmon eggs tempt reluctant trout when fished well and persistently, and more often, perhaps, are taken eagerly, but some anglers prefer to weight bait with medium-sized split shot and fish on the bottom.

3. Visibility and Smell

Synthetic salmon eggs are visible to the trout from a mile away, making fishing them easier. In addition to that, they also have a strong smell, which lures the trout, ensuring you have a net full of trout.

4. Multi-purpose

Salmon eggs can be used to fish various fish, for example, bluegill, catfish, steelhead, etc.

How Long Do Salmon Eggs Bait Last?

A jar of salmon eggs should easily last two seasons. Unlike other baits that harden over time, salmon eggs get softer overtime, making it more challenging to keep them on the hook.

How Do You Store Salmon Eggs for Bait?

First, get rid of the curing fluid carefully as it will stain most clothing. After that, proceed to air dry the eggs for 10 minutes to ensure they become firm and tacky. You then gently spoon the cured eggs into plastic bags. Curing the salmon eggs allows you to store them in a refrigerator for months or up to a year.

Legality On Using Salmon Eggs as Bait

Different states have different regulations on what anglers use to lure their fish. It is advisable to learn the laws of that state before using them to avoid any trouble.

In conclusion, trout fishing can get complicated, and thus, anglers are required to come up with clever ways to tackle this problem. The use of salmon eggs is very effective and can be used with other methods such as masking the salmon eggs with garlic. Additionally, know the season when you go trout fishing as trout are more active during the warm weather.

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