How Much Does a Las Vegas Fishing License Cost?

The license fee you pay to get a fishing license in Las Vegas, Nevada, is a contribution to help maintain the resources. Your money will help the state to maintain endangered species programs, fishery management, conservation education, and habitat development. Las Vegas is in Nevada, so you will need a fishing license from the Nevada Department of Wildlife (NDOW). 

Factors That Determine the Cost of a Fishing License in Las Vegas

Your residential status and the type of license you purchase are the main determinants of fishing license costs in Nevada. 

For you to be a resident in Nevada and qualify for a fishing license:

  • You must be a United States Citizen
  • You must live in the state of Nevada for at least six months before you apply for a fishing license.
  • You should not own or apply for another hunting or fishing license in another state or country.
  • You attend an institution of higher learning in Nevada for a full-time program. 
  • Owning a residence is not enough. You will need to either reside there on a permanent or principal basis. This means that you stay there full time, or you make a few short term trips and return to Nevada. 

Types of Licences Related to Fishing in Nevada

1. Combination License — The combination license is a license that gives authorization to both hunting and fishing. It is a more flexible license as opposed to settling with a specific license, for example, the fishing license, or the hunting license alone. 

However, you will need to take and complete a hunter’s course to be able to enjoy the hunter privileges. 

2. Fishing License — The Fishing license provides authorization solely to harvesting aquatic life. 

How Much Does a Las Vegas Fishing License Cost?

Take a look at the price chart below to determine what license you are eligible for and what the fishing license will cost. 

1. Resident Combination Licenses

License TitleCostDescription
Combination License$75.00It is valid for 12 months starting from the date of purchase. Only residents who are 18 years and older can purchase the Combination license. 
Serviceman’s Specialty Combination License$15.00Nevada residents serving the country outside of Nevada are eligible for this license. You must present your leave papers or evidence of your duty during application. 
Severe Disability Specialty Combination License$15.00It is valid for 12 months after you purchase it. You must file the initial application with the Nevada Department of Wildlife.  
Disabled Veteran Specialty Combination License$15.00You must be a Nevada resident and a veteran whose disability is connected to the service by at least 50%. The license is valid for 12 months after purchase. You must file the initial application with the Nevada Department of Wildlife.  
Native American Specialty Combination License$10.00The license is valid for 12 months after purchase. You must provide a letter of eligibility as you make the initial application through NDOW. 
Senior Specialty Combination License$15.00This specialty license is available to seniors aged 65 years and above. You must have resided in Nevada for at least five years before your application. The license permits you to fish for one year after the purchase date. 
Youth Combination License$15.00This license is for persons within the age bracket of 12 years and 18 years. Youth can only apply for combination licenses. This license is valid for 12 months after the purchase date. 

Take Note:

As a first time applicant, you must apply for your resident combination license through NDOW offices. You can apply for consecutive licenses at

You need to take a hunter’s course before you can enjoy hunter privileges.

2. Resident Fishing License

License TitleCostDescription 
Fishing License$40.00People aged 18 and over are eligible to apply.the license is valid for 12 months starting from the date of purchase. 
1-Day Fishing Permit$9.00You will purchase this license for a specified day, and the license will be valid until midnight.
1-Day Fishing Permit$3.00You will pay these fees for each consecutive day you add to the 1-Day Fishing permit. 

Take Note:

Youth can only get a fishing license through the Youth Combination license available among the Resident Combination Licenses.

3. Non-Resident Combination Fishing Licenses

License TitleCostDescription 
Combination License$155.00Non-residents aged 18 years and over get to purchase the combination license, which is valid for a period of 12 months after purchase.
Youth Combination License$15.00The non-resident youth combination license is for youth within the age bracket of 12 years and 18 years. Your license will become valid upon payment, and you can use it for the next 12 consecutive months. 
1-Day Permit to fish and hunt for migratory game birds and upland game birds$23.00The 1-day license is valid for a specified day and expires at midnight of that day. 
1-Day Permit to fish and hunt for migratory game birds and upland game birds$8.00You are charged an extra fee for every consecutive day you wish to extend your 1-Day license.

Take Note:

You must take a hunting course to gain access to hunter privileges such as hunting upland game birds.

4. Non-Resident Fishing License

License TitleCostDescription
Fishing License$80.00People who have attained 18 years or more are eligible for this license. It is a 12-month license that is valid from the day you purchase it. 
Interstate Boundary Water Fishing License$30.00This license is limited to Topaz Lake, Lake Tahoe, Lake Mohave, Lake Mead, and Colorado River. It is valid for a year starting from the day you purchase it.  
1-Day Fishing Permit$18.00The license is valid for a specified day of your choosing. It expires at midnight on this day. 
1-Day Fishing Permit$7.00You will pay extra fees if, for each consecutive day, you extend your 1-Day permit. 

5. Special Fishing Permit 

License TitleCost Description
Nevada Special Fishing Permit$25.00The following nonprofits are eligible for this fishing license: foundations, clubs, educational institutions, social groups, or other programs to help children or adults with disabilities, older persons, foster care, juvenile, rehabilitation, and mental health facilities. 

Your entire organization can benefit from an employee or non-profit officer who holds a valid fishing license. As a new applicant, your institution needs to submit a descriptive letter of the services it provides and proof of your nonprofit status in document form.

Only the NDOW headquarters are authorized to issue these licenses.  

Final Thoughts

You need to provide your social security number during license applications. A person’s residential status and type of license determine the cost of your fishing license. Residents normally pay less than non-residents. A Nevada resident is one who has resided in the state for at least six months before applying for a license. 

There are two main types of licenses: a combination license and a fishing license. The combination license is a mix of fishing and hunting privileges. A fishing license, on the other hand, will only offer fishing privileges. 

You must enroll and complete a hunting training program to be able to access the hunting privileges in the state of Nevada. Every person who is 18 years and above needs a fishing license in Nevada. There are youth licenses for kids aged between 12 years and 18 years.

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