How Much Does A Taupo Fishing Licence Cost?

Lake Taupo is one amazing body of water in New Zealand. It is the largest freshwater lake, and one cannot help but appreciate the waters here that change colours—from aquamarine blue to jade green.

Lake Taupo is a popular fishing spot, and I am sure that you would love to come here one day and test your angling skills. However, you need a fishing licence before you can cast your line in Lake Taupo.

Today, I will share with you a full guide on the cost of a fishing licence in Lake Taupo, the exemptions, and how you can apply for a fishing licence.

Who needs a fishing licence in Taupo?

Anybody who fishes in the lake needs a licence, including residents and senior citizens. Even children need a licence to be able to fish.  

Why is this necessary? The lake is a magnificent body of water. Because of this, there is a need to preserve it. If the government just allows people to fish here without a licence, then the lake will eventually die.

The government has to control the people who get in the lake. The licence makes it so that only those who really want to fish are willing to pay.  

The law defines the requirement of fishing in Taupo, and it is pursuant to the Conservation Act 1987. Part of this law is concerned with the effort to conserve Maori Land.

Nobody can abuse the lake when people are required to get a fishing licence. The people who fish will also have to follow strict regulations. Since not all people are willing to pay, then the number of people fishing here can be controlled.

Are there exceptions to Taupo fishing licence requirements?

The only exception is if you fish in Lake Rotoaira. There was a time when you still needed a Taupo fishing licence, but not anymore. Today, you can buy a fishing licence separately for Lake Rotoaira.

Take note that even if you have the money to pay, there are some rules to go by:

  • Carry your fishing licence no matter where you are
  • Carry a photo ID with you. You can also print the PDF of your licence or keep it on your phone.
  • Always be prepared to show your licence to the Fish and Game ranger if asked
  • If you lose your fishing licence, report it to the Fish and Game Office

You cannot just fish any kind of fish. For example, if you want to fish in backcountry rivers or in places like North Canterbury, you must apply for an endorsement. Before you can apply for an endorsement, you must buy a whole-season licence.  

If you fail to produce your fishing licence or a valid photo ID, you may get in trouble. The last thing you want is to ruin a good holiday or fishing event simply because you do not have a copy of your fishing licence or a photo ID.

Of course, you must put your fishing licence and photo ID in a plastic pouch. Make sure that water cannot get into it. Some people hang their fishing licence on their fishing rods.

What is the cost of Taupo fishing licence?

Below is the table for the cost of a fishing licence in Taupo:

Participant24-hour licenceWeek LicenceWhole-season licence

The rate for a family is only for a maximum of four people. If your family has more than that, you will need to pay extra.

Here are the technical definitions for the type of participant:

  • Family – one person, including the spouse, partner, and dependents. Dependents must be 18 years old and below. Grandchildren are also included.
  • Family Licence – it is applied to the members of the family, but then only to a maximum of four people.
  • Senior – someone who is more than 65 years old.
  • Non-Resident – people who are not citizens of New Zealand.

A resident is one who can prove that he is living in New Zealand—that he is a citizen. You can prove this by showing your birth certificate or passport. It does not matter where you live in New Zealand.

What is the validity of Taupo fishing licence?

The validity of the fishing licence in Taupo varies. People can buy a licence for 24 hours to an entire season.

The 24-hour licence is excellent for tourists who only want to try fishing for one day. These are licences for those who are merely trying out new things.

A one-week licence is great for people who are staying in the area for a little while and want to spend some more time fishing the lake.

The season licence applies from the first of July to the end of June eh next year. So, it means a whole year. It is ideal for people who live in the area—those who really fish for a hobby or for sport.

Where can you apply for a Taupo fishing licence?

There are two ways by which you can get a Taupo fishing licence. The first one is by purchasing it online. You can do it at the website of the Department of Conservation.

The other means is by going to the local retailers in New Zealand or visitor centres. From here, you can get your licence. If you are a tourist, it is best the licence that you buy it online or consult your guide.

Final Word

Taupo is a magnificent lake that has a lot of fish to offer. Here, you can catch large brown trout or rainbow trout-your choice. The beauty of this lake is that if you have a licence, you can fish all year. The whole-seasons licence also lasts a year.

I strongly recommend that you consult with a fishing guide if you plan to spend the summertime in Lake Taupo—get your licence before going to the lake to get the most of your time here!

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