Will Trout Eat Bread?

Bread is one of the oldest and the most readily available bait. Furthermore, bread is one of the cheapest baits. It has proven successful across all species, and some of the record catches used bread as bait.

There are multiple forms of bread you can use to make trout bait. You can choose to use bread crust, bread punch, liquidized bread, Bread Mash, bread flake, and bread paste. Bread is also flexible to further improvement using flavors and colors. 

These improvements appeal to a trout’s main hunting senses, sight, and smell. For example, you can add strawberry flavor and red coloring. 

Forms of Bread Trout Will Eat

1. Bread Punch

Bread punch is a form of bait that looks like discs and swells up when you immerse it into the water. Brass headed tools help to punch the bread into discs. You can punch varying sizes of the bread, which will offer flexibility to catch fish of varying sizes. 

When you immerse the punched bread in water, it will swell to twice its size. Bread punch bait works for numerous species of fish such as carp.

You can easily prepare the bait yourself in a few steps. They include:

  • Purchase a bread punch. There are various sizes available to suit the varying sizes of fish. You can purchase multiple sizes to vary the size of your bait. Remember, the bait will twice the size of the punch cuts.
  • Buy the bread to make the bait. White bread is the preferable option because it is doughy and makes sticky bait. 
  • It would help if you also placed the bait on a hard surface as you punch it. 
  • The bait may stick on the bread punch. It would be best if you used your hook and fingers to remove it gently. 
  • The hook may show up out on the punched pellets, but the bread will expand in the water to conceal most of the hook. Attach the pellets on the hook shank as you fish.

 2. Bread Crust

Bread crust makes a good surface bait. It is also highly effective at three-quarters of half depth. You can free line or leger bread crust. Bread crusts work in any water body, including streams and rivers. 

The use of crust helps break the monotony of using other bait, such as pellets. You will need an unsliced bread if you wish to fish with bread crust. The size of your hook and bait will depend on the fish you are fishing for. A wide gape hook is usually more convenient. 

It is easy to attach bread crust on the hook. Push the hook through the crust until it is visible on the other end of the crust. Some fishermen do not mind if the hook will not show. They argue that the water softens the bread, and the hook will easily slice through to catch the fish. However, it is safer to have the point of your hook showing.

3. Bread Flake

The bread flake is the part of the bread covered within the crust. Whole or sliced will work well to produce bread flakes. You will simply tear the middle part of the bread, depending on your desired size, the size of the hook, and the fish you wish to catch. Smaller fish could call for a hook size ranging from 16 to 12. Larger fish, including trout, will require size 12 or larger. 

Once you tear off the bread, you can quickly mold it in your fingers or gently push it on the shank. If the flake remains on the shank when you reel the fish, it means you have squeezed a little too tight. Bread flakes work excellently with any fishing method such as free lining, leger, or float. 

4. Bread Paste

Bread Paste looks like dough, which is made from mixing water and flour. It is mainly used in the winter. You may mix the bread with a little water and knead it with your fingers to form the paste. There is evidence that people used to fish with bread paste 300 years ago. 

To make an ideal paste, you will require a little water, clean hands, a little labor, and time to make the paste. You may add other ingredients to your paste, such as margarine, beaten eggs, and more. A little water is used because it helps to avoid making mush instead. If you use fresh bread to make the paste, you may not need any water. 

To use the paste, apply it on the hook to ensure that you leave the point of the hook visible to make it effective in catching the fishing. You will get to catch trout, Barbel, Chub, and more.

5. Liquidized Bread

Liquidized bread is used to entice the trout to one area and then harvest them. You can make liquidized bread if you put the bread in a food processor or liquidizer. The machine will liquidize the bread when you turn it on. 

There are two forms of liquidized bread:

Fine Liquidized Bread

Fine liquidized is made using the inside part of the bread, which excludes the crust. It is mainly used to fish for Roach. 

Coarse Liquidized Bread

Coarse liquidized bread is made using bread that has a crust. It is used as a general bait, and the catch may include trout. 

When you get to the fishing location, you will collect a handful of the liquidized bread, press it in your hand and throw it into the water. The bread will break into smaller pieces and spread over4 the area you throw it. You can store liquidized bread in the fridge for use in an upcoming expedition. 

6. Bread Mash

Bread mash is a sloppy mix of water and bread mashed in a container. The process of making bread mash is similar to that of bread paste. However, more water and bread are used as compared to bread paste. Furthermore, anglers mainly use stale bread. 

The process is as follows:

  • Take a loaf of stale bread and soak it with water in a container. 
  • Soak it for a while and drain the water that remains.
  • Take handfuls of the remaining bread and squeeze it to a pulp.
  • Repeat the step above until you break up all the bread.
  • Ensure the mashed-up bits are small, not too large. Large particles will feed the fish rather than attract them.  

To catch trout, throw the bread mash into the water like ground bait. The mash will attract the fish as it will resemble a white cloud. You should attach more bread bait on your hook to catch the fish as they swim by the bread mash. 

How to Improve Your Bread

There are a couple of ways to improve your bread to make it a more effective bait. Flavor and color are the two main ways of improving your bread bait. You may apply various flavors like cheese, and strawberry on various forms of bread bait like bread paste. Flavors provide your bait with a smell that attracts multiple fish. 

Color can also improve the effectiveness of your bait. People mainly use red color as it will make the bait look more natural. However, the white color of the bread is also visible and works great. 

How to Feed Your Trout With Bread

Each of the various forms of bread bait is applicable in a certain setting in terms of fishing location and also applies to various forms of fish. For example, bread mash is more effective when fishing for larger fish such as trout, roach, and Chub. 

Another example is liquidized bread. It is more effective when fishing for smaller fish in canals and rivers. We also advise that you prepare the bait a day before the fishing expedition.

Alternatives to Bread 

A variety of bait is always an added advantage in fishing. You can try out the following:

1. Salmon Eggs

Salmon Eggs are a form of natural bait, and they appeal to the preying nature of trout. They will feed on salmon eggs during the spawning season. You can purchase your own salmon eggs to use as bait.

2. Night Crawlers

Nightcrawlers are among the oldest and most used forms of bait. They consist mainly of earthworms and worms. They are a natural form of bait, which makes them safe and highly effective especially in the rainy season.

3. Insects

Insects like grasshoppers and crickets are another trout delicacy. You can purchase crickets in the store or harvest them from your yard. Ensure you keep the insect alive on the hook so that it can wriggle and attract the fish. 

4. Cheese

You can use any type of cheese to fish for trout. Cheese works as bait at any time of the year and it is cheap and readily available in the grocery store. You will simply mold it and attach it to the hook to use. Ensure the point of the hook is showing. 

5. Corn

Corn will attract the trout with its visible color and smell. It has proved to be an effective bait in trout fishing. 


Bread has been used as a fishing bait for centuries. It is cheap, readily available and you can use it at any time of the year. There are multiple forms of bread bait which include bread punch, bread crust, bread flake, liquidized bread, bread mash, and bread paste. 

You can use flavor and color additives on the bread bait. It gives it a stronger smell and is easily visible. These attract the trout as it uses sight and smell to look for food. For example, you can use red and strawberry flavor as additives on your bread bait. 

Popular alternatives to bread include salmon eggs, insects, corn, cheese, and night crawlers. 

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