6 Best Trout Fishing Spots in Las Vegas

There is more to Las Vegas, that bachelor and bachelorette parties, casinos and nightclubs. The city may be in a desert but has a galore of outdoor activities. Fishing is one of these activities. You may be surprised by the number of lakes available in and around Las Vegas, let alone entire Nevada.

The Top 6 Fishing Locations in Las Vegas Include:

1. Tule Springs Pond in Floyd Lamb Park

  • Close to the airport
  • Entrance fee of $6
  • No boats or float tubes allowed.

2. Lake Mead

  • The largest reservoir in the US
  • Open every hour every day
  • Requires interstate license

3. Sunset Park Pond

  • Fishing hotspot for over 20 years
  • Boat shows available
  • No camping

4. Boulder City Urban Pond

  • Free entry
  • Highway access
  • No boats or float tubes

5. Lorenzi Pond 

  • The best urban fishing spot in Las Vegas
  • 15 minutes from the airport
  • Fishing license and your equipment required

6. Echo Canyon Reservoir

  • Accommodates boats
  • Brown trout and the white crappie available
  • Camping and picnic sites available

1. Tule Springs Pond in Floyd Lamb Park

Tule Springs Pond is also in Las Vegas at Floyd Lamb Park which is 20 miles from the airport. This pond was initially formed by a natural spring alongside three others. On the Tule Springs Pond, there are four main areas in the basin delegated to fisheries. 

The authorities only stock the uppermost of these ponds. Some fish will drift to the two middle ponds. The pond basin measures 5 acres in surface area and 15 feet in depth. You can access the entire shoreline of the upper pond except for the west side. This side has thick vegetation, which makes it inconvenient to use for a fishing shore. 

The Tule Springs Pond is seasonally stocked with rainbow trout, bluegills, catfish, and Largemouth Bass. There is also a lot of small fish you could possibly catch. Some people have caught largemouth bass, which weighs more than 10 pounds. 

There are also stories of Channel catfish of over 20 pounds. You will need to pay an entrance fee of $6 for every vehicle visiting the park. A fishing license is necessary to access the Floyd Lamb Park’s Tule Springs Pond.   

2. Lake Mead

Lake Mead is a vast reservoir that measures 234 square miles. In the United States, Lake Mead is the largest reservoir. A lot of fishing takes place in this lake throughout the year. People have caught striped bass, which weighs more than 40lbs on this lake. 

Lake Mead is an interstate Lake. Part of it lies in Nevada and the other part in Arizona. Thus you may require an interstate license from the authorities of the state you use to access the lake. You can purchase your fishing license from one of the concession stations on the lake or in bait and tackle shops in the locality. 

It is open to the public every day of the year for 24 hours. You can fish anywhere from the shore, to the piers and on watercraft. The Rainbow trout is one of the most common trout on Lake Mead. However, there are multiple other species which include Bluegill, Striped Bass, Black Crappie, Largemouth Bass, and Channel CatFish. 

There are strict laws and personnel to enforce them at Lake Mead. One of the main rules is the fish cleaning rule. The entire park is equipped with cleaning stations. Park personnel request that you utilize these stations to clean your Fish.

3. Sunset Park Pond

Sunset Park Pond lies in the southeast of Las Vegas in the middle of Sunset Park. This pond has been a fishing hotspot for over two decades now. The Sunset Park Pond measures 14 surface acres and 12 feet in depth.

Its entire shoreline is accessible for fishing.  You may find boat shows on this pond at specific times of the year. These boat shows may prevent people from using the SouthWest shoreline.

You will find the rainbow trout on this pond alongside other fish species such as Black Crappie, Bluegill Sunfish, Channel Catfish, Redear Sunfish, and Largemouth Bass. The authorities restock this pond every month except in July. Some effective bait in this fishing location includes salmon eggs, power bait, flies, and nightcrawlers. 

You cannot camp overnight in this fishing spot. However, the day facilities include barbeques, picnic tables, and restrooms. 

4. Boulder City Urban Pond

Are you planning for a warm weekend afternoon fishing? The Boulder City Urban Pond in Las Vegas is an ideal stop. The lake is 15 feet deep and 3 acres wide on the surface. Thus it is not big enough to use float tubes and boats. As a result, boats and float tubes are prohibited. 

Moreover, the pond does not support camping or overnight parking. It is solely used for shore fishing. 

The Nevada Department of Wildlife stocks the Boulder City Urban Pond with catfish and trout twice a year. This pond has day-use facilities, and you can access it for free, no need to pay the entry fee. 

The pond is in the middle of Boulder City. You can access it off Highway 93, near Veterans Memorial Dr. It is an ideal place to visit with your family as you can engage in other activities as well, for example, the horseshoe pits or the splash park. Furthermore, you can fill out an application to use the veteran memorial park to host an event.  

5. Lorenzi Pond 

The Lorenzi Pond is a small fishing reservoir. Its water surface cover is 3 acres and the depth is 10 feet. This pond could feature well as an oasis in the desert. It is a human-made pond surrounded by a park that supports family getaways like picnics. The park and picnic landscape were added in 2013.

It is part of the historic twin lakes involved in founding Las Vegas. These twin lakes were renovated in the 1970s to become one pond with a single surface and added depth. The drive from McCarran International Airport to Lorenzi pond takes 10 to 15 minutes in the NorthWest direction. It ranks among the best urban fishing locations in Las Vegas and is ideal for a short getaway.

The pond and park are highly accommodating as there are no off-limit areas. Boating and floating are prohibited in this location. Furthermore, they do not charge an access fee for this location. However, you will need a valid Nevada fishing license and your fishing equipment. 

The rainbow trout and the channel catfish are available all year. Some other popular fish in this location include largemouth bass and bluegill, which are stocked occasionally. You may want to consider packing bait like salmon eggs, Power Bait, small spinners, and flies. 

6. Echo Canyon Reservoir

The Echo Canyon Reservoir was built in 1969. It lies 10 miles away from the Eagle Valley Reservoir to the South. The Eagle Valley Reservoir is near Las Vegas. Echo Canyon Reservoir measures 70 surface acres and is 27 feet deep. 

The size of this reservoir makes it possible to use boats and leave a flat wake when you go over five nautical miles per hour. This reservoir offers the regular rainbow trout and black bullhead. On top of this, you will find the brown trout and the white crappie. You will also find smaller fish in the Echo Canyon Reservoir.

Most people fishing on this lake use Power Bait to catch trout. You can also rely on flies and lures. The Echo Canyon State Park, where the reservoir is, offers camping sites, grills, picnic tables, and potable water. Water levels in the Echo Canyon Reservoir change seasonally. 

The water level will determine if you will use the ramp to get your boat on the reservoir or the shore. Low water levels mean you use the shore, and high water levels call for a ramp. 

Consider This Before Fishing Anywhere in Nevada

Considerable planning is required before you embark on any fishing expedition, especially in a city with high tourism flow like Las Vegas. This guide is actually one of the elements in your planning guide.

You will need to learn:

  • The available fishing spots, 
  • The fish present in each of these fishing locations, 
  • The crowding of each of these fishing spots, 
  • The prices,
  • Accessibility of the fishing spot in terms of camping and opening hours. 
  • The fishing regulations


Please avoid drinking water from any of the lakes. You will be placing your health at risk if you drink it, and you can even begin to experience stomach pains in a few hours. 

Be cautious with the lake currents. You may find a clam surface on the large lakes, but the current underneath is wild. 

Fishing Licenses Available in Nevada and Their Costs

Like in many other states in the United States, a fishing license is necessary to fish in any of Nevada’s lakes, including the ones in Las Vegas. You can get a fishing license from a Nevada Department of Wildlife (NDOW) licensing agent or on their official website. 

18 years and olderNevada ResidentsNon-Residents
Consecutive Day$3$7

The department of wildlife has set an annual licensing rate of $15 for those aged between 12 and 17 years. This fee applies to both residents and non-residents. Children under 12 years can fish in Nevada without a license. 

There is also an exclusive license for lakes that lie on interstate boundaries. You will find such lakes in Las Vegas. Examples include Lake Mohave, Colorado River, and Lake Mead. You will pay an annual fee of $30 for the Interstate Boundary License. 


Las Vegas is a city with a lot to offer. Yes, it is more famous for arenas, hotels, clubs, and casinos, but the desert city also supports outdoor activities like fishing. You will need to consider multiple factors when you want to settle on a particular fishing location. Such factors include accessibility, fishing regulations, price, fish available, and more.

Licenses for Fishing are a necessity in Nevada. The Nevada Department of Wildlife (NDOW) issues out these licenses online, or from a licensing agent. These licenses vary with a person’s residential status and age.

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