7 Best Michigan Fly Fishing Tour Guides

Every person must experience fishing at least once. The trouble is, fishing is not as easy as it seems, and you are better off if you take a guided tour. This way, you will learn not only where to fish, but what kinds of rods, lure, and lines to use. 

Today, I will share with you seven of the best-guided tours for fly fishing in Michigan. I will show you their prices, what fish you can catch, and I hope this article can help you make an informed decision on where to do your fly fishing next! 

1. Tailwater Charters 

Tailwater Charters is located in West Michigan, and they will take you to the Muskegon River. They offer a full-day trip, a half-day guided tour, and they will also provide guidance on the right tactics to use to catch a fish. 

Here are the details of the packages: 

  • Full-Day – costs $450 where you will fish for 8 hours. This price is only for two people and you will be served lunch and drinks. The use of the equipment and other gears is already included in this package, along with lures. This is only a catch and releases fishing.
  • Half-day – this one costs $250, and you will spend 4 to 5 hours with the captain. Only two anglers are allowed, and you will not be served lunch. Drinks are provided, and you will also have access to gears and equipment. This is also catch-and-release fishing. 

Your captain is going to be Mr. Ross Swanson, a native of West Michigan. He has been fishing since he was a kid big enough to handle a fishing rod. The fish you will catch depends on the season. In fall, you are likely to get salmon, steelhead, and trout, but you cannot fish for salmon during the winter. 

Phone Number: 616-446-8621

Website: tailwatercharters.com

2. Riverquest Charters

Riverquest has been in this business since 1996, and they will take you to the Muskegon River. They offer different travel adventures depending on the season. 

During the spring, you can expect to catch either steelhead or trout. In summer, you have the chance to catch smallmouth bass. In winter, the fish you could catch the Manistee river chinook.

Here are the rates of the trips: 

  • $495 per day for 1 or 2 anglers
  • $325 for a half-day trip
  • $225 additional for an additional angler
  • $100 per boat per day

They only accept credit card payments for boat rental. They also have a $550 rate per person per day, and this rate is all-inclusive already where they will also provide lodging. They also require a valid license from fishermen who are 17 years old and above.

Phone Number: 616-293-0501

Website: riverquestcharters.com

3. Getting Bit

Getting Bit offers you a chance to catch salmon, steelhead, and trout. They offer flyfishing, float fishing, back bouncing, and many other services in the waters of the West Michigan rivers. 

Their guides specialize in the following fishes: 

  • King and Atlantic Salmon
  • Smallmouth bass
  • Trout and Steelhead

Here are some examples of the packages you can avail of: 

  • For 1 or 2 people, the cost is between $350 and $500 for 4 to 8 hours of fishing; pay an extra $100 for another person
  • $350 to $400 for steelhead fishing during the winter

Getting Bit offers different price ranges depending on the season. All rates are already inclusive of tackle and baits, but you will not have lodging. With Getting Bit, you have the option for charter on the Grand River, Muskegon River, Pere Marquette River and the Big Manistee River. 

Phone Number: 616-570-2946

Website: gettingbitguideservice.com

4. Lake Michigan Charter Fishing

If you want to be on a yacht, then this is the Michigan guided you need to get. On this tour, you will be fishing for trout and salmon from port Manistee. You will stay on a 31-foot yacht, and it is up to you if you want a full-day or half-day trip. 

Here are the packages: 

  • A half-day trip costs $550; this will take 5 hours and can accommodate up to 6 people
  • Full-day charter costs $750 and will take 8 hours; can also accommodate up to 6 people

The trip does not include fishing licenses, tips, and beverages. You also have the option to choose nearshore or offshore fishing. The cost of the trip already includes baits, rods and reels, ice buckets, and fish finder equipment that use GPS. The Captain is Josh Milbourne, and he has been in this business since the year 2000. 

Phone Number: (517) 745-0738

Website: michigansportfishing.com

5. Lake Erie Walleye Charters

This one is located in Monroe, and you will be catching walleye from early spring to late fall. The boat is trailered, which means they can take you to areas where there is a lot of fish. 

There are only two packages that you can avail of. One is the morning charter and the second one is an afternoon charter. Both packages have a minimum of 6 people, and they both cost $400. 

The payment does not include a fishing license, meals, and transportation from your hotel to the dock. You can keep your catch or release it if you want. 

The great thing about this company is that it will entertain beginners and experts alike. The trip is hand-on, and you will be asked to help set the lines and reel the fish. The main method used in this trip is trolling, but you can set arrangements with the charter to do fly fishing.  

6. Five-o-Fishing Charters

This company offers the opportunity to catch walleye in Lake Michigan. The service is available in early spring until late fall. Like the previous guide, this one does lake fishing and trolling, but you can do fly fishing if that is what you want.


There are two main options for the trip, which is in the morning and the afternoon. Both trips are for six hours with a maximum of 6 people. The trip costs $375, and it is inclusive of bait, lure, fishing pole, tackle, and others. It does not include a fishing license and beverages.  

7. Jeff Bacon

The last on my list is Jeff Bacon from West Michigan Fly Fishing. Here, you have to book your fishing trip in advance, and then secure that trip with a deposit. 

With this guide, you can catch: 

  • Spring steelhead
  • Fall salmon
  • Fall steelhead

The cost of the trip depends on what you want to catch. For salmon and steelhead, you will pay $350 to $475 for two anglers. A third one costs between $75 and $100. For trout, bass, and pike, the full day trip is $425 and the half-day trip is $300 for two people only. 

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Fly fishing is fun, and it is best done with a guide. A guided tour will help you save time and money, as the guides already know where the fishes are. When choosing a guided tour, I strongly recommend that you first decide what kind of fish you want to catch because different waters have different fishes in them. 

Also, make sure you plan your trip carefully. Fishing trips are more enjoyable if done for 8 hours. It is also a good idea if you fish with a group. This prevents boredom from setting in, and your experience will become truly memorable.

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