6 Best Utah Fly Fishing Tour Guides (Great Value)

Utah is popular as a skiing destination. However, this does not mean that there is no fish in here. There are many hot spots for fly fishing, and there certainly are several guides who can show you where to go. Today, I will share with you the six best fly fishing guides that I know in the state.

1. TroutBum2

Website: https://www.troutbum2.com/

Phone: None Specified

This company offers several locations where they can take you such as the Provo River, Weber River, and Green River. The company has several guides, and you can choose to book a half-day or full-day trips.  

Here are the rates: 

  • Half-day – the cost is between $295 and $515 for a maximum of three people. 
  • Full day – costs between $415 and $475 for a maximum of 2 people only.

Both types of bookings are inclusive of fly rods, waders, tackle and all the flies you need. No alcoholic beverages are served, but you will get snacks. Only the full-day trip has free lunch. 

The price that you pay is per guide per group. If there are more than three of you, you have to pay for an extra guide. In essence, you will pay twice the amount if there are four of you. 

2. Wasatch

Website: https://wasatchguideservice.com

Phone: 801.830.3316

Wasatch is a premier fishing guide that is endorsed by Orvis. They can take you to the local rivers like Provo and Weber. 

Here are their rates: 

  • Walk and wade – prepare between $325 and $825. These prices are for single-angler and a choice between half-day and full-day fishing. All half-day trips have snacks, but only the full-day bookings have lunch. 
  • Local streams – this one costs between $450 and $600. Only full-day trips are available for this trip with a maximum of two anglers. Both these prices are already inclusive of lunch. 

If you are new to fly fishing, you can give them a call and schedule a short seminar. You will learn how to cast a rod, how to tie flies, how to do dry fly fishing and many more. They will also teach you the basics of nymph fishing and important things you need to know about aquatic fishing.

3. Rocky Mountain Outfitters

Website: https://www.flyfishinginutah.com/

Phone: 435.654.1655

This company offers guided tours on three rivers: Lower Provo, Weber, and Middle Provo. They offer fly fishing for half a day or full-day service. If you want, you can also hire them for float fishing. 

Here are the rates:

  • Full-day – between $459 and $329 for a maximum of two people. If your group is more than six people, give them a call to get a discount. Lunch will be served. 
  • Half-day – the price is $329 for one person. For two or more people, the price is reduced to $169 per person. No lunch is served. 

For both services, you need to get a fishing license from the state of Utah. All the gears will also be provided to you, but you have to come in proper attire. You should also bring your sunscreen and hat to protect you from the heat.

4. Wilderness Trout Expeditions

Website: https://flyfishingtripsutah.com/

Phone: 801.915.9292 

With this guide, you can expect to fish in streams or in Park City fishing territories. Your guide has over 18 years of experience in fly fishing, and you can choose between the Provo River and Weber River. Other than that, the guide can also take you to surrounding streams.

Here are the rates: 

  • Half-day wade – $360 for two people and an additional $170 for an extra angler. If only one person will fish, the cost is $290.
  • Full day – the cost is between $280 to $450. A single angler costs $450, but you will only pay $560 for two people. Each additional angler costs $280. This trip is just over four hours and lunch will be served with beverages. 

The guide will provide all gears like rods, waders, boots, and flies. For stream fishing, you have to be an experienced angler to be able to get the service. 

5. Utah Pro Fly Fishing

Website: https://flyfishingutah.com/

Phone: 435-487-9288

This guide has been in business for over 10 years. They know the best fishing spots in Park City and in Salt Lake City. 

Here are their rates:

  • Half-day – the starting price for this is $295 per person. The fishing trip will last for four hours only, and they will provide complete gear and equipment. If there are two of you, the price per person is cut down to $180.  
  • Full-day – this one costs $500 per person, but the price is cut down to $320 if there are two of you. The trip will last eight hours.

For both trips, they will provide waders, boots, rods, flies, and all the gears you need. You just have to come in the right attire. They will provide free drinks also. All half-day trips are inclusive of snacks. 

6. Utah Fly Guides

Website: https://utflyfishing.com/

Phone: (801) 372-9755

With this guide, you will have a chance to experience blue-ribbon fly-fishing locations. They can also take you to five fishing parks in Salt Lake, Provo, Orem, or other nearby locations.

Here are their rates: 

  • Half-day – $300 for one person and $375 for two anglers. Gears are provided, and you will fish for four hours. They will also provide transportation for you. 
  • Full day – the price is $400 for one person and $575 for two. This package has lunch plus eight hours of fishing. 

Take note that for both packages, you must get your own fishing license from the state. If you are not sure which trip is the right one for you, give them a call and they will guide you. Also, the maximum guide to angler ratio is 1:2. 

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Fly fishing is an experience you should never miss. Although Utah is known for skiing, there are opportunities to fish here during the winter. As such, it is a good idea to come here during the winter and do these two things within the same period.

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