Trout Fishing Without A Fly Rod: The Best Alternatives

You can use, a spinning set up, egg roll method, lure and live bait as alternatives to using a fly rod. You will need to visit your sporting goods store to obtain the equipment you will need for each of these alternatives. It is also very important that you enquire about the rules and regulations about fishing in your state. I would rather help you catch a trout than fines.

Have you caught a trout this year yet? You could have found yourself wondering, can I catch that big beautiful trout if I fish without a fly rod? The answer is yes. You must have been accustomed to fly fishing so much that you find it hard to imagine catching a trout using any other method. I have found success using other methods when fishing for trout. In this article, I will share these methods to help you plan for your next fishing trip.

Why I Don’t Like Using Fly Rods

Sure, fly fishing is fun. However, it is a fishing style that could take a lifetime to master. It is usually a challenging method of fishing, especially for beginners. Imagine your cousin from out of state has visited, you are eager to show them the ropes, but they have no idea how to go about fly fishing.

They could end with no catch, or they could become more of an audience rather than a participant of the fishing expedition. You will want a more rewarding method of fishing that suits your cousin’s beginner status. In a nutshell, Fly rod fishing requires a higher level of skill and patience. It will be hard for that cousin to acquire these skills in just one outing.

Fly rods are also affected by strong gushes of wind. You’ll have to apply many techniques when fly fishing in windy weather. For example, you need to the right weight for your line, and you need to alter how you are casting your line, you will also need to change your angle, etc. The wind should not stop you from fly fishing, but it gives you a tougher time.

Using a fly rod to fish is also a bit expensive. Fly rods cost more than spinning setups. They are hard to carry and often get caught on things. You may experience safety risk when the fly rod is caught on something, and you are not aware. You end up jacking it hard, and it could ruin your rod or hurt you.

Why You Should Use A Spinning Setup Instead

I have found using a spinner rod to be a cheap simple yet effective way to fish. Your visiting cousin will enjoy this method more as they will learn quickly. Spinning is accommodative of lures. Lures entice fish to strike and get hooked. The spin rod is a versatile fishing method, and you can use it to catch other fish. It lets you use resistance lures and crankbaits.

Spin rods are also cheaper as compared to fly rods. You can fuel this hobby with a budget of $100 while fly fishing needs you to budget for around $300. A spin rod is easy to set up and teach and learn. An eight-year-old can quickly learn how to use a spinning setup. Spin Combos have shorter rods and are ready to use.

You will be comfortable using spinners in any water depth. Moreover, you will be able to cover more fishing area when you are using a spinning setup. I am going to show you how to use spinners to catch that trout. Make sure you have a light rod before you could start. A light rod can be characterized by a smaller wheel and a lighter rod. When you think about it, this helps you to travel light for this expedition.

How To Use Spinning Rods To Catch Trout

  • First, ask yourself, ‘am I fishing for dinner or simply catch and release?’
  • You will want to pinch the barb of your rod if your intention is catch and release. If you’re going to cook your catch, leave the barb on the hook. You can pinch your barb by removing or crushing it using pliers.
  • Choose a strike zone and cast your spinner out.
  • Come from the upstream side and cast downstream of the pool if you are fishing on a river.
  • Pull your lure against the current. You will be able to increase the amount of vibration, and you will decrease the chances of the trout spotting you. You should note that trout have powerful compound eyesight. Compound eyesight means they can see in any direction.
  • Use an even and steady pace as you pull your lure. You should feel some vibration on your lure. You may be pulling too slowly if you don’t feel the vibrations or you may have hooked the lure on your line.
  • Have a stringer ready if you intend to cook your catch.
  • If you intend to release it, unhook the trout quickly to prevent harming it. Move the fish back and forth to force water through its gills and release it.

Top 3 Spinning Rods For Trout

Spinners are relatively cheap, as we mentioned earlier. You could log on to your Amazon account and order one right away. Remember, your intention in every fishing expedition is to get an effective spinning rod that is relatively light.

  • Abu Garcia IKE Dude
    You can choose either the spin reel or the spin cats version of the Abu Garcia. It features a line guide and stainless steel cone. It has a 6lb line already pre-pooled. It has a light composite bank. This rod can sustain the bigger trout.
    You will only need to budget for $40 max when shopping on Amazon.
  • Shakespeare USYTHSP30CBO Youth Ugly
    This rod is made up of fiberglass and graphite. Thus, it is light, offers high sensitivity, and is highly durable. It features a Clear Tip design which boosts its strength and responsiveness.
    This Shakespeare version weighs just 12 ounces so it can easily fit in your travel weight restrictions. It is also 34 inches long, which makes it easier to handle. You can purchase this rod on Amazon for $26.00
  • Shakespeare Crusader Spinning Combo
    You will be able to convert your handle in the left or right direction. A clear line is pre-spooled. You will find this rod to be strong as it forged with an aluminum spool. The Shakespeare Crusader Spinning Combo is available in different sizes ranging from a 5’ medium to a 7’ medium. It is a suitable rod If you are a beginner or planning to tutor one on your upcoming expedition. It costs just $17.76 on Amazon.

Why I Love The Egg Roll Method

You will find that trout among other breeds of fish tend to ignore baits and lures during the spawning season. Egg rolling uses fish eggs as bait. Trout usually feed on salmon eggs and even other trout eggs. Trout also feeds on smaller trout and other small fish. Be sure to note when the trout spawning season starts.

When salmon or trout spawn, their eggs are drifted by the current to the bottom. They will then group and float towards the surface. The eggs offer a diet for the fish, and you could use this to your advantage by using cured trout or salmon eggs as bait. It is a highly effective fishing method.

How To Fish Using The Egg Roll Method

  • Attach your egg rolls carefully to the fishing hook. You could easily pop the eggs as you attach them, so you need to be very keen and careful. The eggs will be less effective if they pop.
  • Cast your eggs to the water. Let them drift slowly towards the bottom of the river or lake. Ensure you do not reel to make the drift as natural as possible.
  • Pull your lure at a steady pace once you feel a fish hooked.

Where And How Can I Obtain The Egg Sacks?

You can either opt to purchase the readily cured eggs, or you could choose to cure them on your own. Do you want to make your egg stacks?
You will need to collect the eggs first. You will then have to make an egg cure and stack them. Cured eggs help you fish more efficiently and effectively. Why do we use cured eggs?

  • They will leave a scent trail that will draw fish to them.
  • They will be able to stick to the hook for numerous casts.
  • They will be soft enough for the fish to hold on.

Best Egg Flies For Egg Rolling Trout

  • Berkely Powerbait Trout
    The Berkely Power bait presents soft egg clusters for you to muse as bait. They are available in two colors; Fluorescent Orange and Shrimp. You will be able to catch your trout among other fish such as steelhead and salmon. You can acquire them on Amazon for $5.
  • Balls O’ Fire Salmon Egg
    The Balls O’ Fire are glistering egg stacks. The glistering effect is very useful to draw the attention of trout and are highly visible in clear water. They are durable eggs that come in jars and will set you back $5 on Amazon.
  • Dancing Salmon Fishing Bait Eggs from Atlas Mike
    The Dancing Salmon egg stacks possess scents from various types of fish. You can use these eggs at any fishing experience level. They will appear as free-floating eggs. The fish will snap them up quickly thinking its real eggs. You will purchase these eggs in stacks of 10. Each stack will cost you $5.25 on Amazon.

Why You Don’t Need To Use A Fly Rod For Trout

You don’t need to use a fly rod as it is often become expensive if you don’t maintain it.. You will take time to master fly fishing while you can master Spinning or egg rolling in just a few simple steps. Fly-fishing needs patience and a lot of skill. Your license could expire before you catch a trout!

A spinning package is a more versatile fishing method. You can be able to use lures and live baits. You could opt to use spinners or egg rolling which are highly affordable and effective methods. What’s more, there are seasons when trout will not fall for fly fishing and you will need to depend on egg stacks, especially during spawning season. Most Fish will see the eggs as a quick and easy catch meal.

Final Thoughts

Using a fly rod for trout fishing is awesome, it does have its downfalls though. There are other methods you can use as I outlined in this article.

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